Pin Badge Box Volunteer (Edinburgh)

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We need Pin Badge Box Volunteers to help us raise vital funds for nature in Scotland. This role is perfect for anyone looking to volunteer flexibly for a few hours per month and who enjoys meeting new people. This role is suitable for under 18’s.

This role involves approaching various sites in your local area, such as shops or cafes, and asking them to support the RSPB by hosting a pin badge box on their premises. As well as:

  • Collecting the money and topping up your boxes with extra pin badges, every 4 -6 weeks (depending on the site and your convenience).
  • Counting the money and banking the donations from boxes.
  • Ensuring that pin badge boxes are in a good condition, replacing where necessary.
  • Using our user-friendly website to record your banked donations.

For this role we require people with the following skills:

  • Good communication skills and an ability to liaise with your local community.
  • Numeracy, record-keeping skills, and the ability to handle cash efficiently and accurately.
  • Basic computer literacy.
  • An ability to use your own initiative.
  • Passion and enthusiasm to help give nature a home.

This is a rewarding role and offers volunteers the opportunity to:

  • Develop various skills such as fundraising, communication, public relations and marketing.
  • Gain insight into the RSPB’s work.
  • Make additional community links and meet new people in your local area.
  • Undertake training and benefit from support throughout your volunteering.

Most of all this role offers the opportunity to make a difference and to help inspire others to help save nature.