Campaigner (Community Campaigner in Sheffield)

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Available from 16 May 2022 to 31 October 2022

The RSPB is running a pilot project to explore how we can engage more local communities in our campaigns. We’re setting up a Community Campaigns Network made up of passionate people who want to take action to save nature.

In each pilot area there will be one Community Campaigner or Local Group Volunteer who we will support and train to develop an RSPB directed campaign in their local community. You’ll be able to connect with people from across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland who are working on the same project in their own backyards.

The Community Campaigns Network is designed as a space for you to share tips, ask questions, and celebrate your campaign wins together with other campaigners and their communities.

What you’ll get from us

We will provide you with everything you need to get out in your community and run an RSPB campaign that feels right to you! You’ll get:

  • Training on community organising and connecting with your community
  • Resources on the RSPB Campaign happening in your area
  • Advice on campaign tactics and guidance on how to engage elected officials
  • Policy and guidance documents to keep you and others safe whilst campaigning
  • Staff time and support to talk through your ideas and get help when you need it
  • Support from other Community Campaigners across the pilot areas
  • An opportunity to shape and provide feedback on how this project moves forward in it’s next stages
  • A chance to empower your community to save nature!

What we need from you

The pilot programme runs from May 2022 – October 2022 (around 6 months) so successful applicants would need to be actively campaigning with our support during this time. We would be looking for Community Campaigners who can:

  • Commit to at least 8 hours of volunteering time a month for 6 months
  • Attend training and peer support sessions with other Community Campaigners in the Network
  • Engage with community groups and individuals to inspire them to take action to save nature
  • Create interesting campaign events, resources, and tactics to convince local elected official that it’s time to act
  • Demonstrate a commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion in their campaigning
  • Be available to run campaign activities during Great Big Green Week (24th September 2022 – 2nd October 2022)
  • Provide feedback and participate in an evaluation of the project

What you’ll be working on

The Community Campaigners will be running campaigns around Great Big Green Week, which is the largest national event for nature and climate ever seen in the UK. Last year, over 5000 events celebrated how communities are taking action to protect their green spaces and tackle climate change.

This year, we want to empower local communities to get commitments from Local Government to protect nature in their own backyard and what better chance than Great Big Green Week!

Each pilot area will have specific campaign aims that focus on local issues facing nature and getting elected officials to do something about them. You’ll work with the RSPB and your community to show others that nature is in crisis and it’s time politicians did something about it